Our Vision for This Year

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Welcome Back Staff Appreciation

As a special “welcome back” treat, the PTO provided a breakfast on the first week that the teachers came back and surprised staff members with little gifts throughout the week when students were back.


PTO Provides Welcome Signs

The Crestridge PTO showed its support for the start of the school year by providing “Welcome to the Crestridge Family” signs for staff members to deliver to families with kindergarteners. We also provided the large “Welcome Back Vikings” sign in front of the building. We are looking forward to another wonderful school year. Go Vikings!

Welcome Back!

Just a reminder that the first day of school is Monday, August 16.

We Love Our Staff

Thanks to the generous donations of parents to the PTO, and with the help of St. Luke’s Methodist Church and private donors, staff members were able to enjoy a week of fun themes, treats, and gifts!

Monday: Yoda Best
“Yoda Best” mug with handwritten notes of affirmation and cinnamon rolls.

Tuesday: May the 4th Be With You
Twix Bars with the message, “May the 4th be with you, and may all of your Jedi mind “twix” work on us today.”

Wednesday: Something Delicious to “Chewie” on
Streetside Food Truck made lunch for all staff members.

Thursday: The Force is Strong in you
$10 Amazon Gift Card with message, “The force is strong in you. Thank you for being ‘Amazon’-ing. With gratitude, Crestridge Families and PTO.”

Friday: Jabba the Hutt Coffee Bar
“Jo-on-the-Go” Coffee Bar with drinks delivered to rooms.

Back to School Teacher+Staff Appreciation

In every way, this school year looks and feels different for us all. What  hasn’t changed is the love and commitment the teachers and staff at Crestridge give to our scholars and families.

This year, one of PTO’s priorities is to enhance our teacher and staff appreciation program. Because while this academic year will be full of challenges, it also needs to be full of joys.

For the start of school, PTO organized a variety of activations that showed teachers and staff that we appreciate them.

“Thank you for helping us grow this year!”:  A baby mum plant for teachers and staff to enjoy watching grow as they virtually teach and guide their students along the same path.

Nourish Goodies: A bag of goodies to nourish teachers’ spirits. The snack bag included a special treat from Stories Coffee Co.

Surprise Bagels + Coffee: A collaboration with Bagel Bin produced a surprise breakfast treat for teachers and staff at the end of the first week. 

Pinwheel Garden: “Our Teachers Blow Us Away:
Each pinwheel representing a Crestridge student, a pinwheel garden greeted teachers and staff upon their arrival to school on August 23, the second week of 100% remote instruction.

“Caffeination Appreciation”: Shout out to Starbucks on 114th and Dodge for their collaboration with PTO to show our appreciation to teachers and staff by ensuring they are fully caffeinated!